About Us

Smart Pack Automation Co., Ltd. was established in 2013 with the investment of 10 million baht. Our core businesses are running as the distributor for Packaging Machines and Food Processing Machines as well as after sale-service & spare-parts provider. Since 2015 we are an Executive Agency of HandokAutomachine Co., Ltd. Handok’s main business is Manufacturing Packaging Machines in Korea. Our working scope with Handok is proposing Handok’ machines to our clients within Thailand, including installation support, after sale-service, and spare-parts provider.
  • Our objective of being distributor in Thailand is providing the best after sale-service to our clients in order to have the highest machines’ utilization.
  • Expanding our market to CIMV countries.
  • Being the second Manufacturing Machine plant in Thailand
  • Pursuing the standard of ISO 9001
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